Mine Is Still ?...

LIFE: What is your meaning, your definition, your contribution to it? Do you settle because it is a comfortable place to be? Or do you push it until you've gone too far?
I've learned in a small amount of life lived that to be humbled by those who speak quietly but soul's shout the loudest, I've been humbled by Grace and thankful daily for it.
Someone once gave me a gift full of darkness, it wasn't until later that I understood that this too, was a wonderful gift.
Live gently upon this earth, love those who are loveless but take your heart with you for some might not understand the gift you're giving until they finally see themselves. They will remember the gift you gave and could come lit afire by the moment of Grace you gifted.
Beware the baroness of a busy life-Socrates. Word's to live by, my motto.
Remember to stop to see what's beautiful, immerse yourself in the delight even your darkest day's may bring. Tread gently, walk kindly and keep your heart afire and pass it along to those too blind to see, too deaf to hear and too ignorant to accept.
One day you'll look back on your past self and say Thank you.
True story.
Welcome to my world.:-)